Learning spaces

© HKW, Madeleine Dallmeyer

Whether we’re looking at classrooms, school buildings, intellectual or geographical horizons: Education has a spatial dimension. And these spaces of learning are continuously remeasured and renegotiated in politics and contemporary history, as well as in architecture. HKW regularly devotes itself to this in exhibitions and research projects.

Complementing these, Cultural Education invites visitors to learn to understand these spaces differently. Using the means of artistic research, experts from schools, academia or everyday life examine existing spaces of learning and perception or design them anew.

Workshops do research in their own neighborhoods, between radio waves or in digital learning spaces. They may explore unknown spaces of schools, take sounds through walls or climb the walls of institutions. Practical research and inventions are accompanied by theory in their own conversational spaces.

Several young people are located in the foyer of the HKW. There are also three massive concrete columns in the foyer. The young people are wearing white protective suits and black headphones. They are either sitting on chairs or moving around the room. In their hands they hold smartphones which are connected to the headphones. Above them is a mesh of thin rods and cables.

© Dan Abbott

It’s always a matter of illuminating the familiar and testing its future viability. Does this mean that the boundaries of conventional learning spaces are shaken up and horizons are shifted? Absolutely. After all, we’re talking about the learning spaces of tomorrow. Let’s make some space for future generations.

Here you will find further material on the topic. Translations of original English versions into German are linked separately under (Ger.).

Accompanying the Archive of Refuge, materials on displacement, migration and arrival open up digital learning spaces.

Focusing on the connections between architecture and education, the exhibition and research project Education Shock (2021) illuminates global learning spaces in many discussions and conversations, for example Socialist Educational Architectures and their Export (Eng.). For A New School, Eduard Kögel, Bayo Amole, Demas Nwoko, Ana Carolina Bierrenbach and Kathrin Peters discuss The Creation of New Learning Spaces (Ger.). In her lecture performance Letter from the Village (Ger.) (2017), Sharon Doduo Otoo describes desired places of learning.

More Cultural Education projects about the subject of spaces at: School (2014), Education in Concrete (2021), New Experts (2017). Visual impressions and interventions can be found at Test Run for the School of the Future (2018), acoustical impressions in the audio works Here and Now (2014), Field Studies to Map the Invisible and Concrete Walks (2021).

Further reading

HKW Journal 100 Years of Now, keyword: Escape Routes and in the publications Colonial Modern: Aesthetics of the Past, Rebellions for the Future (2010) and bauhaus imaginista (2019).